I am so excited to offer a gorgeous selection of dresses for your portrait session! Creating a client wardrobe was something I wanted to do so that my clients would always have the option to wear a gorgeous gown for their session without having to go purchase a dress that might only be worn once. While most are technically maternity dresses, they can actually be worn even if you're not pregnant!

Please note that sizing pre-pregnancy is just a suggestion and sometimes can fit a wider range.

Serena - smokey blue, dark mauve, & cyan

Size ~ 4-12
Convertible dress that can be worn 7+ ways!

Bella - pink, white

Size ~ 6-18

Split in the front to show off that baby bump

Athena - smokey amethyst

Size ~ 4-14

Convertible dress; can be worn 7+ ways!

Belle - beige

Size ~ S


Flowing chiffon

Grace - white

Size ~ 4-16


Form fitting

Hailey - black

Size ~ S/M

Body suit with chiffon skirt

Harper - baby blue

Size ~ 4-16


Wear it on shoulder, off shoulder, one shoulder or no shoulders

Lacey - white

Size ~ L

maxi dress

Monroe - navy blue

Size ~ 4-12

Long train perfect for dress 'tossing'

Sienna - lavendar

Size ~ 4-12


Pairs beautifull as undergown for Stella

Stella - lavendar

Size ~ 4-16


Split in the front to show off that baby bump

Stephanie - blue

Size ~ 4-16


Split in the front to show off that baby bump

Crop Tops  

white lace, white pearl, mauve, smokey blue, smokey amethyst

Size ~ 4-16


Wear with other dresses to add additional looks or with a skirt

Melansay Skirt - khaki, dusty rose, red wine

Size ~ 4-18


chiffon skirt with belt wrap