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"Nicole is one of the best photographers I’ve ever dealt with! She’s very professional and has a very friendly way to her that made the experience that much better. Even with our teething baby she was able to get great shots of our family that I’m forever grateful for."


~  Britney

Before you know it, you're babies will be all grown up and starting their own families. Take photos with them while you still can. It doesn't matter if they're 6 months old, 6 years old, or 16 years old. You children will want to see you in photos with them through all stages of their life. Let's create memories you can hold while you're still together. Don't worry about your children sitting still. They don't need to! We can get some posed photos of everyone together looking at the camera, but a lot of your personalities shine when you're interacting with each other as you normally would. We'll take time to get them comfortable and play games to let those authentic smiles shine!