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10 Reasons Why You Should Book Maternity Photos

When it comes to photographing memories, you'll happily spend the money on your children. What about when it comes to yourself? As a Kelowna maternity photographer, I've seen many mothers have a hard time contemplating whether or not they should document these moments professionally, let alone booking a photo shoot and investing in themselves. Don't let the thoughts in your head tell you no. You deserve this. This is not just about you right now, but about what it means to your children in 30 years looking back at these photographs and saying, "this was my beautiful mother. She had had me in her tummy here. Then this is my mother at 30... this is my mother at 35... this is my mother at 40."

Here are my 10 reasons why it's important to invest in a maternity photography session.

Summerland Maternity Photographer, Nicole Hemeon Photography

1. Each pregnancy is unique

Whether there were struggles to get pregnant, or it came as a surprise, each pregnancy is special in their own way and should be celebrated.

2. You are already a mom

The journey doesn't begin when you're holding a baby in your arms, your journey into motherhood has already begun. We document every other important milestone in our lives and this is one we don't want to overlook or forget.

3. Baby is only in there once

Right now, you're forming a special bond with your baby. Even if it's not your last baby, you will only ever have this one chance to get photos with that child still in your belly.

Peachland Maternity Photographer, Nicole Hemeon Photography

4. Remembering your pregnancy

As soon your baby is born, you'll likely forget a lot about your pregnancy. While pregnancy isn't all sunshine and rainbows, as they grow up you'll start to wish they were still with you every moment. Sure you can take pictures with your phone, but without knowing the proper angles and posing, you'll more than likely be a bit hard on yourself and not feel as confident as you should. With a professional photographer, you can rest assured knowing you'll be photographed beautifully, in flattering angles that focus on the baby bump, and less on the other curves you don't want accentuated.

5. The bond between siblings

If you already have other kids, this isn't just a big change for you, but for them as well becoming a bigger brother or sister! So much is going to change for them, and they need constant reminders how important they still are. The bond they also have with their baby sibling is already there and these moments are worth remembering!

Summerland Maternity Photographer, Nicole Hemeon Photography

6. The bond between partners

Now is also the time to cherish that love between you and your partner. After all, it took both of you to create your little peanut. Document this moment as your family grows. We say it all the time but these moments are fleeting and no one will be younger than you are in this moment right now.

7. Pamper yourself.

I know it sounds cheesy saying pregnant women have a pregnancy glow, and I understand you may not feel it. My job is to have you believe in that glow, and show you just how beautiful you are. Take this time before baby arrives to do something fun and empowering. Every time you look at these photos you're going to remember how strong and incredible you are.

8. Gift memories to yourself and to your children.

Recent photos don't have much of an impact on us, but the more the photos age, the more memories we have attached to them. You kids are going to want to see photos of their mom one day with them in your belly and it'll create conversations for your family. How amazing would it be to show your grandchild what you looked like with their mommy or daddy in your tummy?

Okanagan Maternity Photographer, Nicole Hemeon Photography

9. Get images worth displaying.

Wedding photos are common in households. But why not display the growth of your family? We can create a beautiful gallery of wall art that can be added to for future milestones, or create one big album after baby's first year.

10. You are worth it.

Don't doubt for a second that you aren't worthy of having your photos taken. One day photos of you will be all that's left, and to your family it will be worth everything.

Kelowna Maternity Photographer, Nicole Hemeon Photography


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