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5 Reasons Why You Should Order Prints Through a Professional Photographer

Did you know not every lab prints the same quality? We’re talking places like Walmart, London Drugs, Shutterfly etc. It can be a hit or miss but even if it does look okay, the quality is subpar compared to professional printing.

When I first started photography as a hobby, I ordered the cheapest canvas prints out there. I thought they looked great and was so proud just to hold my work in my hands. Later, I tried to get a few photos done from local consumer print labs for our family collages at home. But the colours just did not look how they should be -- they either ended up too dark or too saturated... some also ended up a lot more grainy. I tried ordering from a few different places and they all turned out different. Sometimes store A would print better, sometimes store B. It wasn't consistent and it was really frustrating, time consuming, and not to mention wasteful running around seeing who could print the photo better.

After turning my photography into a business, I learned about professional labs that only worked with professional photographers. So I picked out a few to try and the results blew me away. There was no comparison to the stuff I printed when I first started and went for the cheap labs. After seeing this myself, I knew I couldn't leave it to my clients to print their own photos. By ordering prints through me, it would ensure the colour, clarity and quality are exceptional. It makes sure my work is represented as it should be. You don't want them to look cheap. I want them to have a wow factor you can't get anywhere else.

Working with professional labs is a huge game changer. I don't have to worry about how my photos would turn out, because I knew the lab was consistent. I was proud to see my work printed and show it off to people. And even more excited for clients to see their their own photos beautifully displayed.

There's a few more key reasons why ordering prints and products through your photographer is much better, and easier, than doing it on your own. Let's break them down.

Peachland Newborn Photography - black and white printed picture of newborn baby's toes

1. Product quality - Explained above.

2. Quality assurance - Even though I trust my professional labs to produce outstanding work every time and don't have to worry about the outcome like I do elsewhere, I still need to approve it to be perfect before delivering to my client. Sometimes packages get bumped during shipping. If there was any sort of damage or error, I would just need to contact my lab and they'll issue a replacement at no cost to my client.

3. Proper sizing - There's a few parts to this one, so let's start with deciding the size to print. A photographer with knowledge of prints and design will have a better understanding on what sizes are best, not only for the location you intend to display the image, but what sizes are best for particular types of photos. For example, lots of people think an 11x14 is big. Yeah, for a desk it's a bit big. But when you hang it on the wall above your couch and take 5 steps back, you're not going to see any details in a tiny photo. Another thing to consider is how the photo is composed. If you have a close up shot of a face, it's not going to need to be as big as a group of people in a field. Now for the technical aspects of sizing: a photographer who deals with printing knows how to size for proper printing output. An 8x10 is prepared differently than a 30x40. If the file size is too small, it will look pixelated when printing large.

black leather photo album by okanagan photographer nicole hemeon photography

4. Vetted products - Your photographer is determined to provide you with the very best there is in the industry. If they didn't believe in it themselves, they wouldn't want to offer it to their clients. After hearing comments from other photographers and narrowing down the better options, I tried products from 6 different professional labs to see what I liked most and what would fit best with my brand. I'm determined to offer the best products to my clients, ones that feel more high end and durable, and I stand behind them 100%.

5. You'll actually receive printed photos - Have you had photos you've thought about printing, or had a photo shoot and planned to get some printed when you had the time to sit down and figure out what you wanted to do with them? Did you ever get around to it or did they just sit on your USB or on your computer? By having a photographer print for you, you're committing to giving them a life beyond a hard drive. I sit down with my clients after the photos are ready, and I'll help you finalize what it is you'd like done with the photos. And you will end up with beautiful memories you can hold for years to come.

printed and wrapped pictures of mother with daughters by okanagan motherhood photographer Nicole Hemeon Photography

BONUS: I won't add this in as one of the main reasons, but as with many other things, supporting small businesses goes a long way. If you're not wanting photos done, but are still wondering how to support me or other small businesses, here's a list of 5 Ways to Support a Local Business From Home.


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