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A Weekend in Wells Gray Provincial Park

For years my husband and I have wanted to go check out Wells Gray Provincial Park. My family lives nearby in Barriere, and we never realized how quick of a drive it was even though we've looked on Google maps. With everything going on with COVID and vacations getting cancelled, we decided to turn our wedding anniversary into a long weekend and head for Canada's Waterfall Park. I specifically left my dresses back at home because it was calling for rain and storms, and that would have just been a mess. Naturally, we ended up with a lovely day!

Sphatts Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park

Sphats Falls was the first on the list to stop at. Besides Niagara Falls, I don't remember the last giant waterfall I had seen like this. The roar of the rushing water was incredible. It sprinkled rain a little bit but the rest of the day in the park was beautiful.

Dawson Falls (not pictured) and the ever popular Helmcken Falls were next before deciding to stop for a picnic lunch at Deer Creek.

The last waterfall we ended up going to was Bailey's Chute. And if you thought the previous waterfalls had power, take the 10 minute walk and go stand beside this one during spring run off! The photos I've seen previously online have rocks you can stand on to get closer than being on the platform and it doesn't look too wild. But none of that was visible being there in June with the rivers still high. I thought the other waterfalls had power, but it didn't compare to this one.

Bailey's Chute waterfall on Clearwater River in Wells Gray Provincial Park

After a day of checking out the nearby waterfalls, we had plans to find a lake and do some camping with our new canopy. We had steak and veggies marinating that we were wanting to cook over a fire. But that fell through when we decided to hit up the Hop n' Hog on our way out of Clearwater. I've heard good things about the barbecue place from family, and it didn't disappoint! Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese was my choice in case you were wondering, it was delicious. With full tummies and leftovers for lunch the next day, we set off to find a lake on the back roads.

We decided to try Loon lake and lucked out with the whole site to ourselves. I managed to take a few landscape photos in between the 15 minute downpours of rain that would alternate with the evening sun setting. It was so peaceful watching all the fish jump. Lots of mosquitoes though so make sure you have your bug spray!

All in all it was a lovely weekend out for a near-cation. Wells Gray is fantastic for hikes as there's so many options. One day I hope to tackle some longer walks and spend more time in the park. But for now, it was great for a short day trip to get a taste of what it has to offer.


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