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Editing Newborn Photos - Should Your Photographer Remove Stork Bites

One of the things that fascinates me with newborns is you learn something every time you photograph them. While babies are similar, they can all be so different! Not only from the personalities of course, but from the things they experience in their first month of life. Some babies may have jaundice, or baby acne which is pretty common and knew about. And then, I had this little baby who taught me about stork bites.

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While the name sounds a little intimidating, I learned that it's not a concern for the baby, and it actually happens to about 30 - 50% of newborns. A stork bite is a bit like a temporary birthmark that develops when blood vessels become stretched or dilated underneath the skin. The result is a red or salmon coloured patch on the skin. More than 95% disappear over time and it could take up to a year to do so. The most common locations they appear are on the forehead, nose, eyelids and the back of their neck.


Ultimately, it's up to you as the client what you'd prefer. Some parents want it edited out, much like baby acne and the jaundice would be. But others feel it's a part of who their baby is and it just wouldn't look like their baby without it. When I'm preparing a gallery for the reveal and ordering appointment, I like to do two edits on a photo to show the parents what it would look like with the redness toned down a little, but still visible, and what it would look like if the stork bite was removed altogether. In this case, they felt it was a part of their baby and they wanted it toned down a little but still left in.

If there's ever any questions you have regarding what a photographer edits, don't hesitate to ask your photographer! One fairly common practice when photographers edit is to remove things that are temporary (like acne, bruises, or scratches) but keep the permanent things (birthmarks, moles, scars) unless the client requests otherwise. I completely understand everyone has something they may be self conscious of in photos. Talk to your photographer about any areas of concern prior to your session, and also let them know what your favorite features are so they can make sure to highlight those instead!


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