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Okanagan Engagement | Lake Country, BC | Stacey & Steve

A little smoke doesn't hurt. In fact, it made for some nice colors at the end once the sun finally set. But that's not the first thing you notice when you've got a beautiful couple in a gorgeous setting. Oyama is a gorgeous place in the Okanagan, nestled in between two lakes. I knew this was a perfect spot for Stacey & Steve's engagement photos, although I didn't realize how perfect it was until we wrapped up for the evening. Stacey said when she and Steve first starting dating they talked about moving to Oyama and not being from here, she thought it was in the middle of nowhere. Now they look out to the lake and smile seeing where that little comment lies years down the road.

There's so many different backdrops here. Beaches, a park, grassy fields, gazebos and a trail around the shoreline. Along our walk we had to pause a few times to let some people go by, as you often have to when out in public parks. However this time we had a few little feathery friends pop in!

Their photos look so beautiful in an image box! One of the many ways to treasure your photos.


It all starts with a conversation.

Then together, let's create memories you can hold.

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