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Top 3 Tips When Deciding What to Wear for Your Photos

What you choose to wear for your photography session can really change the look of your photos. Below are my key things to consider when deciding on an outfit and how they can change the outcome of the photos.

Stick to neutral or toned down colours

In order to keep your photos timeless and not dated, stick to neutral colours that are subtle and don’t go out of style. You want the focus to be on you and your family. You don't want the focus to be on the highlighter sweater someone decided to wear, so aim to stick to the same tones. I do have one exception to this for bolder colours, and that would be for solo maternity photos. Dramatic dresses are meant to make a statement and make the mom stand out. I would suggest if a pregnant mom was wanting a bold look, to do that for her solo portraits, and have another outfit that is more on the same level for photos including the rest of the family. View some of our maternity dresses. The white lace dress below is one supplied from our studio wardrobe, and is a great option that fits well for family, maternity or even newborn sessions.

Kelowna Family Photographer - Nicole Hemeon Photography

West Kelowna Family Photographer - Nicole Hemeon Photography

Avoid logos and graphic tees

Just as a neon shirt can be too overpowering, logos and graphic tees stand out—and not in a good way. They not only date the photos, but if you‘re paying for professional photography, it looks more professional when you put some effort into the clothing choices. Patterns can work, as long as no one else is wearing a busy pattern, otherwise it could look too chaotic.

The photo on the left works because his colours not only compliment the dress, but it's dressed up so it shows he's put in a effort, and it's simple. If he wore a striped shirt, it would clash and look too busy.

3. Don‘t match everyone exactly - The key here is to pick a common colour theme, and find a couple other of colours that will compliment each other. You don't want to have the whole family wearing a white shirt and navy pants. You could do a white and navy theme, but mixing up how those colours are worn, instead of all the shirts being the same colour, adds some depth and doesn't blend the people together. See below how the little baby has an orange shirt that goes with the orange on the dress? And how the jeans on the parents, go with the jeans on the girl's jacket.

Peachland Family Photographer - Nicole Hemeon Photography



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