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Why I Chose to Specialize in Maternity Photography

Why Maternity?

I had a friend in Kelowna ask me why I chose to specialize in motherhood photography, more specifically maternity, when I haven’t had any kids. My answer started with because I love working one on one with females, but if they wanted to include partners or their other kids it allows for some intimate couple and fun family portraits. I also wanted to build a client wardrobe full of dresses and maternity is usually the time to wear them.

Okanagan Maternity Photographer, Nicole Hemeon Photography - pregnant mom holding baby bump in winter outdoor maternity session

But that wasn’t good enough for her and she kept diving deeper with each answer I gave. I kind of surprised myself as to why I chose maternity over other genres of photography, and here’s what I discovered:

I used to always want kids but these days it's scary to think about being able to afford it! I’m also not ready to put my photography on hold just yet as it feels like the journey has only just begun... By photographing maternity, it allows me to work with pregnant women in the Okanagan who are going through the experience of becoming a mom. I’m very research heavy before making any big decisions, and in a way, this is a form of research for me to learn all about what happens when you have a baby.

Okanagan Maternity Photographer, Nicole Hemeon Photography - pregnant mom standing tall in Okanagan lake water at sunset

Now, you're probably thinking, "Nicole, there's so many books on pregnancy, why don't you just read one of those to learn what happens?" So again, why did I choose to specialize in maternity? And I’ve come down to my final conclusion: Because I want to show mothers how strong and beautiful they truly are for creating this new life. They really do have that pregnancy glow! I’ve seen how self conscious some are when they’ve gone through this big change. I want them to see what we’re seeing: they are warriors. Embrace this change and let’s commemorate this final trimester before the next chapter fully begins. Let’s celebrate motherhood and everything you’re going through.

“Your body is full of life. Your body is powerful. Your body made you a mother.”

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Nicole Hemeon Photography specializes in maternity photography as well as newborn, babies and landscape photography in the Okanagan including Peachland, Summerland, West Kelowna, Penticton and Kelowna British Columbia.

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