Do you remember sitting down with your parents, or grandparents, going through the family photo albums? Photos create conversations about what our families were like when they were younger - the mud monsters your siblings became after the garden was watered, how your sister would follow behind dad with her toy lawn mower as he mowed the lawn, or that time the kids put a towel around the dog like a cape and he became Super Dog! It's these little details that help paint a picture of what our loved ones were like and it brings us closer to them.​

Photos that are recent don't have as much of an impact on us. But the more the photos age, the more memories we have attached to them. And one day, these photos will be all you have left. My job isn’t just to take pretty pictures. It’s to capture some of the most important milestones of your lives so you can preserve them, display them, and pass them on to your children and grandchildren down the line to keep that conversation going.

framed matted photo of pregnant mom in blue dress holding belly


welcome guide
planning & design appointment
wardrobe & styling advice
use of the studio's wardrobe
your portrait session
professional retouching of images
design & ordering appointment
delivery of final products

Session fees begin at $200.

Products begin at $190  |  Collections begin at $990.

Printed artwork & digital images are purchased separately from the session fee.

There is no minimum requirement, you only purchase what you truly love.



This is where we will plan your session from clothing, location and design. You'll also get to see all the different ways you can showcase your photos in print.


All that planning gets to come to life. Now it's time to have fun creating new memories and documenting these fleeting moments.


Finally, you get to see your beautiful photos and decide how you'd like to display them in your home. There is no minimum requirement, you only purchase what you truly love.


Our purpose is to create memories you can hold. Whether it’s an album, wall art, or a collection of prints, we’ll work with you to create beautiful pieces of artwork that will be enjoyed by your family every day. We strive to offer the best to our clients and have curated the highest quality products in the industry, which you will see in person during our design consultation, and again during the ordering appointment. And yes, we know how much you want to share your photos so every image purchased comes with the matching digital imaege.


"We couldn’t be happier with our photos!! She came over to go through the photos together instead of just sending me a gallery, and offered different print options. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for great photo memories."


~  Heather